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Professional Services PR is dedicated to serving honorable professionals and their businesses. We specialize in serving firms with annual revenue of $1 million to $25 million, including accountants, attorneys, authors/speakers, consultants, engineers, sales trainers, tech services firms and other professionals. We combine crystal clear strategy, messaging and positioning delivered via a blend of traditional and new media.

Clients and Testimonials

I didn’t think it was possible for a company our size to get national media attention. I do now. Dustin Crane, CEO, Aelera (NBC, CNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, tech publications, local TV)

Great results! An actionable strategy that got the attention of our industry and potential buyers. The well-timed publicity in key publications was critical to our success. Karen Robinson, CEO, Prime Point Media (Brand Week, Outdoor Advertiser features; scores of online advertising industry media)

Genius! PSPR’s positioning, messaging and brand implementation created a unique identity with our key distributors. Jeff Haversat, Gen. Partner, Pioneer Industries (Web, strategic messaging, client testimonials)

A huge difference! We were a company of engineers that had no sense of market positioning or the value of publicity. PSPR changed all that. Mark Krikorian, COO, Industrial Logic Corp. (Satellite News + B2B network software media, industry analysts, strategic messaging, web content, case studies)

Kick-started our business launch with timely strategy and PR work. Barry Sikes, Founder, Creative Digital Group (Atlanta Business Chronicle, interactive media trade publications)

Great instincts and insight! Randy New, Principal, Kitchens/New, fmr. BellSouth V.P. Public Policy (B2B media & PR)

Original, strategic thinking with a sharp focus on our business objectives. Lorin Coles, Founder, Alliancesphere (Original research & PR)

Expertly combines PR, public policy and knowledge of stakeholders. Linda Muir, Principal, Muir Law Firm (Atlanta Journal-Constitution feature, Messaging & PR)

A great experience. PSPR developed a marketing approach that created the market position we were looking for. Dr. Martin Belson, Centers for Disease Control and Founder, KidEmergencies.com (Website, eNewsletter)

PSPR has guided us from the start of our company ñ from the name and branding and web development through our ongoing marketing and PR efforts. Dr. Peter Uher, Co-Founder, Traversa Consulting (Branding, website, original research, PR)

Consistently excellent! PSPR has delivered sustained results for the firm for more than 5 years. Karen Wilcox, Sr. Marketing Manager, McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP (Strategy, messaging, PR, business development, research, events)

One of the best in strategic messaging. Tim Klein, Sr. PR Director, Cingular (Messaging, PR)

Generated leads and sales opportunities. Josh Selby, NCR eCommerce (Trade shows/events, business)

Gave real focus, direction and purpose to our marketing efforts. Randy Long, GM North America, Bitam (Website, PR, webcasts, product demos)

Our outsourced CMO, PR, and marketing departments. Vinny Amatulli, Co-Founder, ASG Consulting (Website, messaging, white papers)

I consider PSPR part of the senior management team. Dennis Petriella, Founder, HRB Intl. (Website, messaging, branding, business development)

PSPR provided critical early-stage advice for our market positioning. Phil Poovey, Founder, Poovey & Associates (Branding & messaging)

Marketing creativity with a business perspective. Craig Thompson, Founder, Thompson & Associates (Branding & messaging)


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