Why Creating Intranet Content is a lot Like Pushups

Why Creating Intranet Content is a lot Like Pushups

A friend of mine recently completed a goal: 100 push ups and 100 sit ups for 100 days straight.   He said the challenge wasn’t so much physical as it was mental.  Feel sick?  Do your pushups.  Thirteen hour flight?  Do your pushups.    Three months later, he had done 10,000 pushups, gotten really strong and rewarded himself with a T shirt (see photo).

Creating intranet content is a lot like daily pushups or cleaning your office or any other grinding task.  You may gin up enough short-term motivation to meet the challenge.  You may stay consistent for weeks or even months, but then life, other priorities, boredom or simple fatigue get you in the end.

The Number 1 Problem for Communicators

Pushups are analogous to creating intranet content.  For communicators, nearly 2 out 3 say the number one problem they face in their content strategy is generating enough stuff.   There is a big news hole to fill, particularly if you are the only one coming up with content.   You can stuff a bunch of tedious corporate policy into the news hole but you’ll kill your delicate readership (See List: The 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Content and How to Avoid Them) Some big organizations like SAS have large enough staffs that they generate 5-7 stories and videos per day on their intranet.

Creating a cluster of daily stories for 1-person or small communications and HR teams isn’t practical.  However, there are several guidelines you can follow and a few smart tricks you can implement to keep your content fresh and engaging (See free eBook: The Advanced Communicator’s Guide to Insane Intranet Success) starting with having a plan in the form of an editorial calendar.

In the photo, you see a daily checklist making pushups.  Your Editorial Calendar is similar (Free template download in eBook: The Advanced Communicator’s Guide to Insane Intranet Success).  You’ll want to establish Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly goals.


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